Innovative ecological installation to obtain and develop bee products

Realization of the zero serie oh the modulate instatllation, to obtain ecological products and develop the bees, open space, greenhouses and solariums, the effect of shape and the pyramid, and the achievement of pyramidal bottles for conservation and nobile wine aging.

Innovative ecological installation to obtain and develop bee products

Realization of the zero serie oh the modulate instatllation, to obtain ecological products and develop the bees, open space, greenhouses and solariums, the effect of shape and the pyramid, and the achievement of pyramidal bottles for conservation and nobile wine aging.

The method named protection to short-circuit and surge of the receptors of electric energy   

The offer is made by ICPE Bistrita, Romania. It refers to the realization of the technology and the method used for an electronic protection device for small electric energy consumers, such as: the households. The device offers protection to surge, short-circuit and over voltage. The proposed device presents the following advantages:
• High speed to decoupling, (maxim 10ms), being faster than the classical methods;
• No person is needed for maintenance because, after the power is lost, in the case of a short-circuit or surge, the return of the voltage is automatic (in the case of a short-circuit only after the cause was eliminated);
• Through action in two stages, at the appearance of some over voltages or over currents of low value, the average value of the voltage also decreases and the burden is not decoupled from the network, the device still being functional;
• Through the Internet communication interface, online data about the energy consumer can be communicated.
Between the protection device, the user and the electric energy supplier a bi-directional communication can be made through optional modules of web server, GPRS or Bluetooth types. The data taken and regarding the values of the voltage and current can be sent at a set distance and put at the disposal of the interested ones (the owner of the household or the electric energy supplier) so that:
• An events report that contains the type of the event and the hour/date of appearance
• Values of the consumption on a certain period
• The electric energy supplier can decouple the user if there are any works in the area and from administrative reasons.
• The values of admissible over current and over voltage can be programmed.
In order to detect the over current and the over voltage, the device contains a microcontroller. The analysis of the current absorbed and of the voltage is made by a microcontroller with a integrated digital analogue convertor. The analysis of the current is made with the help of a Hall transducer and the analysis of the voltage through recovery, filtering and division. When detecting a short circuit or a over voltage the microcontroller does not send seeding impulses for the triac through optodiac and the user is removed from the voltage.

Dispozitivul care depisteaza cancerul

Dispozitivul realizat este un senzor care poate determina existenta cancerului in corpul uman, in mai putin de 6 minute si inainte ca boala sa fie declansata in corp

Cutit de uz casnic

Inventia se refera la un cutit de uz casnic, destinat cu precadere activitatii menajere, alcatuit dintr-o lama din otel si un maner ce se asambleaza cu ajutorul a doua suruburi.


The study carried out in a research institute from Iasi - Romania describes an ecological process for conservation and consolidation of old paper documents belonging to cultural heritage. The process consists of the paper conservation by decontamination and coating with a thin polymer film in high frequency plasma conditions. The technology can be applied in other domains: the synthesis of polymers, surface modifications, medicine. We are interested in collaboration / technical cooperation with research institutions and Museums.


Our main products, services, core activities :
• Aviation: design, execution, tests
• Energy: oil and gas equipments, co-generative power plants and power groups
• Environment: equipments for environmental protection, services for noise and vibration control, services for air quality
Romanian Research & Development Institute for Gas Turbines is the only specialized company that integrates such activities as scientific research, design, manufacturing, testing, experimental activities, technologic transfer and innovation in the field of aircraft and industrial gas turbines and high speed bladed machinery.

Tesatura pentru armarea produselor netesute

The invention describes a fabric destined for application in the technical textiles industry, for performing filter products by means of interlacing mechanical technologies.

      The device of biometrically secured telephony

      The device of biometrically secured telephony allows implementation into a mobile telephony network, a biometrically secured communication between users, provided foremost to the field of telecommunication networks with data transmission, having a direct application in telephone devices manufacturing. The device comprises a complex of modules that aims to real time generate, the biometrically secured model together with the assigned label and to store biometrically secured model with index able assigned label, having the purpose of communication's securing and
flexibility between users.

Metodă si dispozitiv pentru controlul dinamic al unui robot păsitor

The invention relates to a method and a control of dynamic walking robots, for hybrid control, the trajectory of motion of the peaks and leg joint robot, the dynamic reaction forces and gait walking robots moving
obstacles or uneven land.

      Device of propulsion without any source of self-energy for mobile systems

The invention proposes a method and a device of propulsion without any source of self-energy capable of moving in active mechanical media by capturing the locomotory energy needed for its motion from the mechanical energy of the medium in which it is located. The invention can be used in solving some current and requisite problems, such as “exploring certain media in which recharging the devices of investigation is impossible”, or “exploring certain media in which pollution is not allowed”


The invention refers to a device for vortex reduction and growth of the oxygenation degree of turbine driven water under the Francis turbine runner, within the hydro electrical centrals.

Instalatie de stins incendiu cu functionare mixta (automata si manuala)

The invention describes an installation for fire extinction with a mixed automatic and manual action having permanent empty distribution pipes and derives. The installation works without damage danger mainly in unheated spaces and roarehouses.

Integrated deflector of thermal radiations generated by the cooling radiator of internal combustion engines Used for air filter of the combustion internal engine motorcycles, cars, trucks, tractors.

The invention is an integrated deflector intended for channelling the hot air flow that passes through the cooling radiator of internal combustion engines.


A Romanian engineering has developed a produs nou sub forma unui echipament complex, bazat pe electronica de putere, care sa inlocuiasca actualul sistem de reglare a curentului de excitatie la generatorul principal al locomotivelor Diesel – electrice si care, in plus, sa gestioneze si activitatea generatorului auxiliar care furnizeaza tensiunea necesara serviciilor auxiliare (curentii de excitatie ai generatoarelor , pompe de combustibil si de apa , compresorul aerului de franare etc.

Sistem pneumatic pentru agitarea arborilor

Sistem pneumatic pentru pomii agitați, caracterizat prin aceea că ordinea de agitare a pomilor fructiferi este alcătuită dintr-un compresor, variabile de diametru și lungime ale furtunului flexibil, conectori detașabili, variabile de diametru și lungime ale țevii ușoare, bloc automat conectează între compresorul dur și funcția solenoid închis în mod normal, o electrovalvă normal închisă de 24 V care se deschide și se închide la anumite presiuni, a blocat automat un tub de ghidare, un diametru de bilă, variabile de lungime și greutate agățate amovibile ramificația care trebuie agitată, un cablu electric care se va conecta la grilă.


Invenţia se referă la o instalaţie destinată deszăpezirii prin colectarea şi compactarea zăpezii, dându-i totodată o formă convenabilă pentru a fi transportată. Ea este destinată în principal arterelor rutiere din oraşe, dar poate fi utilizată şi în afara acestora.


Inventia se refera la o instalatie pentru racire sau incalzire ecologica cu aer presurizat (1÷2 bar), fara freoni, fiind destinata climatizarii spatiilor de locuit, de lucru, tehnologice sau habitaclului autovehiculelor.

The invention relates to an installation for cooling or heating Organic pressurized air (1 ÷ 2 bar) without Freon, meant climate accommodation of work, technological or passenger vehicles.


The invention refers to a composite for protecting soil against atmospheric and biological factors, consisting of textile reinforcement with cavities which are embedded with expandable polystyrene granules.

Wireless communications solutions for industrial applications: aerospace, oil & gas, plant monitoring and building automation

A Romanian company with more than 20 years' experience offers their developed wireless technology to industry partners via commercial agreement with technical assistance.
The solutions offered are based on communication devices such as radio modules, wireless routers or gateways, ultra-wide band evaluation kit, ISA100 wireless kit and similar industrial wireless technology. These solutions are meant to be adapted to all types of industries and to very particular requirements.

Electrothermal boiler with heat pipe for producing domestic hot water and heating

A Romanian inventor from Transylvania has developed an environmentally-safe electrothermal boiler, which can be used for generating hot water as well as for domestic space heating. The electrothermal boiler generates heat through a heat exchanger based on a central thermal tube, thus advantageously ensuring both low primary energy and high speed thermal transfer. The Romanian inventor is willing to transfer the specific know how to a prospective partner on the basis of a license agreement.

Elipsoidal heat exchanger pipe for all functional stove and nuclear plant

A Romanian inventor in applied research has developed a technology that converts primary energy originating from electric, fossil or nuclear fuels into secondary energy in a shorter time, implicit smaller volume, mass and costs than other heat exchangers on the market.

The inventor is offering to license the solution to producers of heat exchangers.

Snow and ice removing machine through melting

The equipment developed by a Romanian inventor is a snow remover using the process of melting.
The melting snow and ice machine is an equipment used for melting snow where it falls naturally, blizzard or stored. It also melts glazed frost and ice. The equipment can be used for smooth or porous surfaces that need to be kept uncovered by ice or snow, like parking, flight runway, exits, stations, solar panels,sport fields, etc. The cooperation envisaged is technical cooperation agreement.

Unguent destinat suprafetelor traumatizate prin arsura pentru regenerararea pielii

Oferta de tehnologie bazata pe brevet nr. 123440/30.05.2012 se refera la un unguent destinat regenerarii pielii traumatizate de arsuri pentru utilizarea in domeniul dermato-farmaceutic. Solutia propusa consta in faptul ca, se asociaza intr-o compozitie chimica urmatoarele ingrediente: osanza de oaie, ceara de albine, ului de floarea soarelui si albus de ou. Unguentul, conform inventiei, este constituit din: 15...25 parti osanza de oaie, 15....25 parti ceara de albine, 15...25 parti ulei de floarea soarelui si 10....19 parti albus de ou, partile fiind exprimate in greutate.

Pe plan international, se fac cercetari intense cu privire la procesele de regenerare a pielii dupa arsura sau de organe deteriorate sau amputate in accidente.Scopul acestor cercetari este dezvoltarea de strategii pentru medicina regenerativa in vederea inlocuirii de tesuturi si organe.

Factorii care controleaza dezvoltarea la nivelul citogenezei, histogenezei si organogenezei nu sunt cunoscuti pe plan international, dar se afla in Schema Generala a Programelor Genetice din cartea Biologie Celulara si Moleculara fara pompa ionica Na+ - K+, distinsa cu Medalie de Aur, al carei autor sunt.

Companie care se ocupa cu echipamente medicale

Oferta tehnologica ce face obiectul unei inventii, cu cererea nr A/00918/30.09.2010, publicata in BOPI, se refera la un echipament medical de radiochirurgie ce utilizeaza curenti de radiofrecventa (4MHz) in vederea realizarii interventiilor chirurgicale la un nivel calitativ superior pentru toate specialitatile.
Aceasta tehnologie va avea impact in toate specialitatile chirurgicale; aparatul este denumit radiocauter (utilizeaza chirurgia prin unde radio modulate) si poate fi folosit in toate salile de operatii pe toata durata actului operator si in toate specialitatile chirurgicale (neurochirurgie, ortopedie, urologie si proctologie, oftalmologie, chir.estetica,ORL,etc).
Aparatul realizeaza toate tipurile de operatii in domeniul chirurgical, începând cu tăire pură, tăiere combinată cu grad redus, mediu şi mare de coagulare, coagulare rece, coagulare caldă pentru toate tipurile de ţesuturi funcţie de gradul de sângerare şi vascularizare a zonelor în regim monopolar, precum şi tăiere combinată cu coagulare sau coagulare pură în regim bipolar.
Aparatul realizeaza, programeaza si memoreaza toate regimurile de lucru specifice fiecarei interventii chirurgicale inainte si in timpul actului operator, cu functionare continua pe timp nelimitat. Constructia aparatului este modulata ceea ce ii confera posibilitatea interschimbabilitatii rapide a componentelor.
Una din caracteristicile radiocauterului este reglarea instantanee a puterii si a temperaturii de lucru pentru a nu produce necroze ale tesutului si zonelor operate. Aparatul este construit cu o fiabilitate ridicata ceeace ii confera protectie la scurtcircuit si eliminarea tuturor posibilitatilor de electrocutare.

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